JM Small Wire Rope Electric Winch

  • Model: JM-2T
  • Line pull capacity (KN): 20
  • rope speed (m/min): 12
  • Wire rope Dia.: 12.5mm
  • Hydraulic failsafe Brake: YWZ-200/25
  • Weight: 630kg

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  • electric winch
■ Specifications

1 Brief introduction of Small electric winch 

This kind of electric winch is mainly used in the large and middle sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment installation and dismantling. The structural characteristics of steel wire rope is an orderly, lifting safe and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of bridge, port, wharf and road and bridge engineering and large factories and mines engineering equipment installation.

2.Main Advantage&Feature

1) Top quality with competitive price.

2) Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane.

3) Easy to install and high quality.

4) Compact structure and reasonable design.

5) Overload protection,shock protective, Explosion-proof performance

3.Specific Details Description

1) Electric winch by driving devices, wire rope winding system, commonly the fetch device and safety protection device, etc

2) Driving devices include: motor, coupling, brake, reducer, gear box, drum etc.

3) Wire rope winding system include: wire rope, drum, crown block and travelling block

4) Fetch device including: hook, ring, grab, electromagnetic sucker, hanging hanging beams, and other forms.

5) Safety protection device includes: the load limiter, hoisting height limiter, falling depth stop, overspeed protection switch, etc

4. Advantages of Motor

1).Terminal block stronger;

2). How has a temperature sensor

3). Refueling device is convenient and reliable

4). Fan is strong

5).With high power efficiency, small size, small vibration, long continuous running time

6).Anti-corrosion than homebred seriously, a long time and Delicate appearance

5. Advantages of Reducer

1) Advantage is more compact in structure, have small gap, high precision

2) Made of high quality alloy steel forgings, the structure design is reasonable

3) The machining accuracy to ISO5-6 levels.

4) Bearing quality and improve service life

5)  Low energy consumption, performance is superior, the reduction efficiency is as high as ninety-six percent, small vibration, low noise

6) Using the new sealing device, good protective performance, strong adaptability to the environment,can be in harsh environments, such as corrosion and moisture work continuously.

the production capcity of our electric winch 

■ Technical Data

Parameters of JM Model Wire Rope Electric Winch

Model JM-2T JM-3T JM-5T JM-8T JM-10T
Line pull capacity (KN) 20 30 50 80 100
rope speed (m/min) 12 10 10 10 9
Wire rope Dia. 12.5mm 15.5mm 21.5mm 26mm 30mm
gear box Model JZQ350 JZQ350 JZQ400 JZQ500 JZQ650
23.34 31.5 23.34 31.5 40.17
Drum Diameter(mm) 273 325 406 500 530
Length(mm) 480 520 700 900 1000
Rope Capacity 150m 180m 250m 300m 350m
motor model YZ160M2-6 YZ160M2-6 YZ160L-6 YZR225M-8 YZR250M1-8
Power 7.5kW 7.5kW 11kW 22kW 30kW
Rotate speed
948 948 953 720 720
Hydraulic failsafe
YWZ-200/25 YWZ-200/25 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300
Equipment Dimension
1060x1500x750 1600x1100x820 1400x1910x950 2050x1640x1000 2470x2280x1180
Weight 630kg 680kg 1400kg 3000kg 4000kg

@ We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard product according to your need,  If you need other pull capacity electric winch (not in the above table shows), please send your demand below or chat online.

so just send you demand to us, Incidentally get factory price.

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Jk series electronic control high speed winch
JKL series hand control high speed free rolling winch
JMM friction electric winch

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