Mobile Electric Hoist 0.25-20 Ton

  • Lift capacity (t): 10
  • Lift speed (m/min): 7 0.7/7
  • Travel speed (m/min): 20/30
  • lift height (m): 9,12,18,24,30

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  • 20 ton electric hoist
■ Specifications

Often customers are unsure as to what type of overhead lifting system will best serve their needs. Spending a few minutes now discussing the needs of your application could save you dollars (not to mention the value of improved safety) in the future. Read fruther on this page to learn more about the most popular type - CD/MD wire rope electric hoist. If you need other type electric hoist, please tell us, we will be pleased to be of further assistance!

Products details

1.Our smallest workstation cranes lift a ton or less, while our largest standard cranes in ports and shipyards lift up to 500 tons. And for special cases, we custom build cranes capable of handling loads up to 1,000 tons.
2.A product of our more than 20 years of experience in the industrial lifting industry, our innovative technologies include chain hoists,wire rope electric hoists and SMARTON automation systems.
End Beam
The Ground Beam works as long traveling mechanism, and it combines with beam, Wheel, Motor, Reducer, Brake and Other Parts. The steel plate adopts shot blasting and high quality painting. High quality raw material. The end beam are connections with bearing beams.
Electric Parts
We choose high quality electric parts with rain cover. The power supply mode are cord reel. We could offer the top brand of Electric parts such as: Chint, Siemens,Schneider and so on.
Manufacture Standard
All the equipments are developed based on the latest national requirement GB/T3811-2008 of Crane Design Standard ,JB/T3695-2011 of Electric Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist and JB/T1306-2008 of Electric Single Girder Hoist.

1.Reducer: adopt third-class dead axel helical gear transmission structure gear and geaaxel are made of heat treated alloy steel;

2.Button Switch: easy to operate, safey for operator, both remote control and pendant control are available.

3.Motor: three-phase asynchronous induction motor, durable and powerful. Insulation grade is F.

4.Protection grade: IP54, work grade: M3,M4

5.Over load limit is available. Hook is widen and thicken

6. Power-Off protection, Emergency stop system.

Our electric hoist production capacity and packing 

■ Technical Data

Technical parameters of Construction Hoist

Lift capacity (t) Lift speed (m/min) Travel speed (m/min) lift height (m)
0.25 8 0.8/8 20 3,6,9
0.5 8 0.8/8 20/30 6,9,12
1 8 0.8/8 20/30 6,9,12,18,24,30
2 8 0.8/8 20/30 6,9,12,18,24,30
3 8 0.8/8 20/30 6,9,12,18,24,30
5 8 0.8/8 20/30 6,9,12,18,24,30
10 7 0.7/7 20/30 9,12,18,24,30
16 3.5 0.35/3.5 18 9,12,18
20 4 20 9,12,18

Hoists Series Products We Can Supply:
♦ NH electric hoist
♦ Low noise, environ mental protection ND electric hoist
♦ CD,MD model electric hoist
♦ HC model electric hoist with biger lifting capacity
♦ Explosion-proof electric hoist
♦ Across installation type hoist that can increase operation area
♦ Double braking electric hoist used in special industry to strengthen brake and reduce slide amount
♦ Metallurgical hoist adaptable for high temperature work place

You can enquire us to learn more on all type of electric hoist, of course, we provide expert custom service, so let us know what you want please.

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